Snorri Sturluson is a creative professional who’s worked in the arts all his life. He started out as a music photographer in Iceland in the 80s where his first collaborators were Kukl (Björk’s pre Sugarcubes band). When the Sugarcubes took off Snorri kept photographing them and his images from that time have been frequently used in books chronicling the early days of the now world famous Icelandic music scene.

In the 90s Snorri was an executive producer for several Icelandic music labels. Most notably Thule Music, UNI:FORM and TMT Music which introduced Múm, Traktor and other other artists to worldwide audiences.

Snorri was also a founding member of Mr. Destiny which started the International Iceland Airwaves Festival which has been a springboard for a host of Icelandic acts towards worldwide recognition including Sigur Rós.

In the late 90s Snorri produced a monthly music event with Björk and Gus Gus in Reykjavík called “Heartbeat – The Sunday Sessions”. A compilation CD with the same name was released on the UNI:FORM label featuring exclusive tracks by many of the artists that performed at the event, including Björk, Gus Gus, Muziq and more.

In 2001 Snorri moved to New York to start a career in advertising. His background as a producer, promoter and photographer served him well in the fast paced ad world in New York.

At first Snorri was an in-house creative for several street wear brands including DrunknMunky, FUBU, COOGI, Esco Soul, the kitschy fashion brand Heatherette and the Italian sportswear brand Kappa. During that time he was part of launching the agency FB Media and Consulting where he worked on national and international campaigns for Camus and  Luster.

In 2005 Snorri went to the digital agency thread® where he worked as an integrated producer on a lot of exciting and cutting edge digital work with Yahoo!, Bolt Media, Music Gremlin, Mavericks, and others including the launch of the personal care product line Jonathan|Product which was developed on Bravo TV around the reality show Blow Out starring celebrity hair stylist Jonathan Antin.

In 2006 Snorri took a leap into commercial directing. At first as part of the directing collective Snorri Bros. but later as an individual. Since then he has directed well over 100 commercials and other projects, including branded content, interactive experiences, short films and music videos. His work has featured at the Super Bowl (Dell Computers, 2009), the Oscars (Cadillac, 2007) and NFL Kickoff Night (UGG starring Tom Brady, 2011). Other clients include BMW, Mercedes Benz, Verizon, Apple, Merrill Lynch, Comcast, Chrysler, Toyota, Motorola, Panasonic, Sprint and many more for agencies including Anomaly, Arnold, BBDO, Goodby, Grey, KBS+P, The Martin Agency, Modernista!, Mother, Mullen, and Hill Holiday to name a few.

Today Snorri is working on a lot of exciting cross-creative projects including, not only shooting and directing, but developing content in collaboration with brands and agencies as well as fictional narrative content. The current climate in the creative industry is the perfect storm for a creative with the versatility and depth of experience that Snorri has and he’s very excited about what the future holds.


Apple, BMW, Cadillac, Chrysler, Clorox, Comcast, Credit Report, Crest, Dell, Dodge, Famous Footwear, Ford, Hummer, Indian Larry, Jeep, Mercedes Benz, Miller, Motorola, Nissan, Nokia, Palm, Panasonic, Sprint, Starz Network, Subway, TJ Maxx, Toyota, UGG, United Healthcare, Unum, V8, Verizon Wireless and many more.


Anomaly, Arnold, BBDO, Doner, Global Hue, Goodby, Grey, Hill Holiday, Kirshenbaum, The Martin Agency, Modernista!, M&C Saatchi, McGarryBowen, Merkley and Partners, Mother, Mullen, Publicis, Saatchi & Saatchi and many more.

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