Music video for Lay Low to "By And By" from the album "Farewell Good Night’s Sleep". Lay Low floats above a miniature world with an air of amusement as she peeks down on the little people and things below her before she goes into space.

Honored with the "Award of Excellence" at the 2010 Canada International Film Festival.

Thanks // Lovisa, Kári, Billy, CO3, Sade, Pétur, Aron, Joel and Bev.



This shot is an impromptu shot that became part of the inspiration for the series Thoughtful. I was shooting a campaign in South Africa and Topher was a producer at Grey, which I was working for. We had just had a wonderful lunch at a restaurant in the wine country close to Cape Town. After lunch we wandered out into these cricket grounds which turned out to be the perfect back drop for Topher’s portrait. Thanks to Bev and Joel of Gatehouse Commercials for a wonderful meal.