Katrin was the New York Sales representative at Smuggler while the Snorri Brothers were there. Wonderful friend and human being. She’s also very photogenic and this shot of her for the Thoughtful series is one of my favorites. We shot it near her office in SoHo when she was working for Rabbit Content. It was late in the day, golden sunlight was streaking in between buildings in SoHo and Katrin turned on her charm (she told me she used to be a model after this shoot, I was not surprised)



This shot is an impromptu shot that became part of the inspiration for the series Thoughtful. I was shooting a campaign in South Africa and Topher was a producer at Grey, which I was working for. We had just had a wonderful lunch at a restaurant in the wine country close to Cape Town. After lunch we wandered out into these cricket grounds which turned out to be the perfect back drop for Topher’s portrait. Thanks to Bev and Joel of Gatehouse Commercials for a wonderful meal.



Björn Baldvinsson, Producer, Los Angeles circa 2009

Björn is one of my oldest friends and a long time collaborator of mine, the Snorri Brothers and beyond. At one point we even played in a band together for a very short minute. This picture is part of the Thoughtful series that exhibited in New York in 2011. Thank you Björn.