Kids are increasingly exposed to inappropriate material from an early age. The average age boy is exposed to pornography at the tender age of 11, and the material gets more and more violent and sordid every year. Alongside pornography the sexualization and objectification of women (and men) is normalized at an alarming rate through social media and celebrity.

This commercial is about kids that perhaps didn’t develop proper boundaries between reality and what they’ve seen on screens since they were young and impressionable tweens. But, the responsibility is not on them, it’s on us, the parents, too often we choose to look the other way.


A continually and persistently horrifying problem around the world is gender based violence. This spot went viral in Iceland and earned over 300.000 views (Icelanders are 330.000). It sparked very loud conversations in the media as well as socially. It was not without controversy, it was criticized for getting attention because of the men in the commercial. That is part of the problem, and the solution. Men are the primary offenders therefore they are the ones we need to reach and to do so we chose to force them to look the consequences squarely in the eyes.



The multi talented Freyjólfur (Freyr Eyjólfsson) recorded an album in his kitchen in Brooklyn. Me and Halldór Gylfason made a music video for “Hann byr ekki lengur hér” on a sunny afternoon in Vogar á Vatnsleysuströnd. Good times.


The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz gets his focus on in a busy diner with the aid of the BOSE QC35II headset. Fun fact: we shot the commercial at the “The Silver Linings Playbook” diner, where the central theme revolves around the rivalry between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys.



Iceland is in the FIFA Men’s World Cup finals for the first time, the smallest nation ever to qualify. 2 years prior the Icelandic Men’s National Team had captured the hearts and minds of football lovers across the world (England excluded) by reaching the quarterfinals of the European Cup. During that run the “Thunder Clap”, exhibited by the traveling fans, became a phenomenon and every woman, child and man in Iceland clapped enthusiastically in unison to cheer their team on.

Magnús Magnús Magnússon is the one Icelander who just can’t seem to get the clap and he got into a lot of trouble during the 2016 Euro Cup because of that. Now 2 years later he works at KFC and his Thunder Clap, well it’s still a bit of an issue.